Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wonder Woman 1.5: The Feminum Mystique, Part 2

Airdate: 11/6/78

Wonder Girl passes the test, but now Radl and Murphy want the alloy, Feminum, that her bracelets are made out of.  Murphy uses his masculine charm on boy crazy WG to get the location of Paradise Island, where the Feminum mines are located, and so a Nazi assault is launched on the uncharted island, prompting Wonder Woman to rush to the defense of her beloved homeland. Meanwhile, Wonder Girl escapes her captors, and alerts Steve to Peter Knight’s true identity, but the chief mechanic, another Nazi spy named Karl Wertz, is still at loose. Back on Paradise Island, Radl enslaves the Amazons (after subduing them all with gas bombs), and forces them to mine the Feminum, but WW and WG turn the tables on him and distributes the bracelets to the girls, enabling them to overpower their captors. They return to the states just in time to stop Wertz from hijacking the XPJ-1 (after Steve gets knocked out… again!).

Fast-paced conclusion wraps everything up quite nicely, but just a few questions:

1.     Why are Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl and the Amazons all impervious to everything – except gas bombs and even chloroform rags? Quite an Achilles heel!
2.     Which will happen first: an episode in which Steve does not get knocked out or one in which he figures out that Diana and WW are the same peson?
3.     Which dime store did they buy the obvious miniature models of WW and WG in the invisible plane shots?
4.     How did they do the scene with Lynda Carter (not a stunt woman) keeping the XPJ-1 from taking off?
5.     Does Debra Winger ever list this role on her resume?

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