Friday, April 12, 2013

Waltons 6.21: “The Revelation”

Airdate: 3/23/78

John-Boy sticks around for another episode when he pops the question to his longtime dancer girlfriend, Daisy Garner, who begrudgingly accepts. At the same time he is offered a reporter gig in London by the Associated Press, but, feeling the timing is wrong, declines. As wedding preparations get under way on Waltons Mountain, John-Boy is troubled by the estranged relationship between Daisy and her mother. When he goes to she her, the reason is revealed: Daisy had an illegitimate daughter with a man she did not marry, and the child was adopted by Daisy’s mother. Upon learning this, Daisy feels she must now mother the young girl she abandoned, and moves to Lynchburg. The wedding is off, and John-Boy takes the job in London. Subplot: Zeb helps Elizabeth drum up her lemonade business by spiking her wares with “the recipe.”

This is Richard Thomas’s last episode of the series as John-Boy, although he would return for the reunion movies. As such, it is a fitting send-off for his tenure on the show – and the show sets up a presence in the European theatre of the war with his role as war correspondent. Also Deidre Lenihan’s last appearance as Daisy – a great character, and totally believable chemistry between her and Thomas.

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