Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Waltons 6.16: “The Festival”

Airdate: 1/26/78

Erin tells Jason that the Spring Festival committee is interested in having him play for the event, but when he hears Verdie Foster’s youngest son, Josh, play the trumpet, he arranges to audition as a duet. Regrettably, he is rejected because Josh is black, but the Waltons decide to hold their own festival with everyone included. Josh, after suffering a crisis of inferiority, attends and performs magnificently.

Heartwarming episode is the second examnation of racism this season, and makes fine use of supporting character Verdie Wilson and her family. James Bond III as Josh delivers a fine juvenile performance – of particular note is his “heart to heart” with John about whether to listen to his dad about “keeping his place” or rising up and proving his worth.

Subplot: A love triangle involving Elizabeth, Aimee Godsey, and the new boy at school. Ho-hum.

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