Friday, April 19, 2013

Wonder Woman 1.2: Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman

Airdate: 4/28/76

Fausta Grables (Lynda Day George) is a beautiful blonde Nazi agent bent on capturing Wonder Woman, and perhaps harnessing her powers to serve the Third Reich. Using Steve Trevor as bait, she nearly captures our fearless heroine, but only only after impersonating her with a mask at a bond rally does she succeed, and transports her back to the Fatherland. Having used her truth lasso against her, Fausta knows its effectiveness, but a male
chauvinistic co-agent is disbelieving and does it HIS way, costing time and allowing WW to escape. Meanwhile Steve had gone to Germany in a rescue attempt, and now WW must return to her previous captors to rescue him. Once again, Fausta smarts lock horns with her counterpart’s ignorance, and WW and Steve escape – again. This time they take Fausta with them, recognizing her intelligence and good intentions, and help her lead an underground movement against the Fuhrer.

Second of two April installments before the series is truly launched the following October. More campy fun, even if a bit too much back-and-forth in the last act. Sprinkles of pop feminism certainly evident here, as the bonds of sisterhood prevail in emancipating Fausta from the oppression of her patriarchal “Fatherland.” Beauty Lynda Day George certainly helps makes such tract easy on the eyes – producer Aaron Spelling would take this cue and parlay in into the wonderful world of Charlie’s Angels soon after.

Boosted screen time for Steve’s assistant, Etta, played by Beatrice Cohen. Amusing in-joke near the beginning when Steve commandeers a cab despite the driver’s claim that he “has to pick up Senator Truman!” And more tension at the end when Steve detects a line spoken by both Diana Prince and WW. But it’s too bad he can’t reciprocate a rescue of WW – he comes so close.

BTW: Shouldn’t WW be immune from the powers of her own truth lasso?

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