Monday, April 22, 2013

Waltons 7.9: “The Beau”

Airdate: 11/23/78

Grandma gets a calling from an old flame, Arthur Space, who wants to get reacquainted. Elizabeth thinks it’s weird to have a grandmother going out on dates, while John is overprotective when she doesn’t return from dinner until after midnight. When Arthur invites her for a weekend in Richmond, Esther declines: she feels that his romantic feels for her is wrong when it’s only a replacement for loss (as Arthur recently lost his own wife).

Subplot: Jim-Bob responds to gas rationing by helping Yancy cook up a strong brew that can power car engines. They write to the government for permission, who responds, in accordance with the petroleum industry, that it’s impossible to turn alcohol into gasoline. They’ll make it anyway; if making something is impossible it can’t also be illegal.

Charming installment about winter love again makes fine use of Grandma’s non-verbal acting abilities. Diverse reaction from the family enhances the story with humor and character detail. Highlight: Jason’s song at the still: “I’ve Been a Moonshiner.”

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