Monday, April 29, 2013

Waltons 7.17: “The Pin-Up”

Airdate: 2/8/79

Budding photographer Ben accidentally submits a saucy pin-up-style shot of Erin to the local newspaper, which features it on the front page. She instantly becomes the fan-fave among local GIs, much to the consternation of her father, who forbids here from attending an army ceremony showcasing her beauty and talent. He eventually gives in when convinced by a lieutenant that the men see her as “the girl next door,” and would step in the minute any “wolves” tried t take advantage of her.

Meantime, Mary Ellen, spurred by an incident of a mother losing her child, becomes overprotective of John Curtis. She stops nursing, and chastising everyone for their lackadaisical care of her child. Only when the child wanders off, and John tells her that she needs to let him live for a change, does she ease up on her overcontrolling maternal hand.

Two stories of equal measure and import, tied by the common theme of overprotection. Erin’s leggy photo does look like one of those vintage 1940s pinups – and her final rationale for going to Fort Lee – the reading of a letter by a soldier who thinks Erin reminds him of a girl back home he never had the gumption to ask out – is lump-in-the-throat touching.

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