Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waltons 6.15: “Spring Fever”

Airdate: 1/12/78

Ben takes out Jim-Bob’s girlfriend on a date, and Jim-Bob gets back at him by
dating his girlfriend. So begins the Waltons version of Cain and Abel – even John can’t sort this one out. Eventually the brothers turn to fisticuffs to settle matters, and the girls realize how much happier they were with their former beaus.

Meantime Miss Mamie’s rosebush is dying, and she takes this as a sign that she herself will expire soon as well. When she asks Zeb to be the executor of her last will and testament, he runs the gamut of ways to lift her spirits, finally arriving at the one that always worked for him: fishing.

Soapy story of fraternal jealousy feels flimsy compared to other offerings this season. Notable mainly for the return of Debbie Gunn as Patsy Brimmer, and a great shot of the 40s version of a video-game arcade. Ah, the days of pinball!

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