Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Waltons 7.19: “The Legacy”

Airdate: 2/22/79

Guess who’s back in town: Ashley Longworth…  Jr., that is. Only trouble is he’s a dead ringer for his dad, who was the old beau of Emily Baldwin, forbiddento marry her by her imperious judge father. Emily can’t rationally discern the difference, so she blindly “courts” Ashley, and withdrawals into a funk when she sees Erin making time with the handsome cadet.  It’s Ashley himself who tries to mend old wounds, telling Emily she was his father’s first true love.

Subplot: Growing pains alert: this time for Elizabeth, whose entrance into puberty is not exactly smooth sailing. Priceless: Corabeth’s face when Elizabeth asks if she should wear a brassiere!

So-so episode, enhanced by the appearance of Jonathan Frakes as Ashley Longworth. Frakes is of course best known for starring in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and he’s suitably dashing here. Michael Learned came up with the idea for this one, and she’s given story credit.

Yet another heartbreak for Erin, who’s definitely the main romance interest this season.

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