Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Waltons 7.3: “The Moonshiner”

Airdate: 10/12/78

Zeb’s cousin, Boone Walton, gets arrested for moonshining but Jason offers to pay his fine and take him in to avoid imprisonment. It doesn’t take long for Boone to return to his old ways: attempting to set up another still and getting himself and Jason drunk when they restore the Baldwin sisters’ lost “recipe.” Boone just can’t change his stripes, so runs back to the mountains, and asks Jason simply for one day’s head start before he notifies the sheriff. Meanwhile, Daisy Garner, John-Boy’s ex-fiancée, returns to the mountain, and is talked into staying and lodging at Mary-Ellen’s now-vacant former abode. Everyone is pleased- except Corabeth, who is dismayed that Aimee will be playing with an illegitimate child.

Surprisingly emotional episode focuses on a character we haven’t seen in awhile – Boon, who represents the hillbilly side of the family always on the outskirts of the law – and civilization. As such, the theme of “progress” is again explored.

Visit from Daisy also reminds the modern viewer of the stigma, now completely obliterated, mothers of children born out of wedlock had to face up until the modern age.

It is now the autumn of 1941, according to the narration.

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