Monday, July 28, 2014

Galactica 1980 1.2: “Galactica Discovers Earth, Part 2”

Airdate: 2/3/80

Comander Xavier is also on a mission to advance the earth’s technology, but hehas more ruthless motives in mind; for starters, he goes back to 1944 Nazi Germany, not caring that their advancement would result in the destruction of millions (more) innocent lives. Dillon and Troy are recalled to the Galactica immediately (along with Jamie, who blackmails them into including her lest she blab their secrets), and are assigned to back in time to find and arrest Xavier before he can severely alter the course of earth’s history. Posing as Nazi soldiers, the trio, with the help of a real spy the meet along the way, prepare to attend a test of the Germans’ V2 rocket: a frighteningly deadly instrument of war designed with more than a little help by a British turncoat – yup, you guessed it – Xavier.

I’m quite rather enjoying this incarnation of Galactica, though I can’t help harboring a suspicion as to how much foaming at the mouth the series’ purists are doing about it. It certainly is a real hoot watching these gee-whiz time-travelers trying to thwart certain doom by disarming the Nazis from their V2 rickets (reminding me, more than a little, of a similar premise that would come later in the 1981 film The Final Conflict). But it’s also telling of the times: in the 70s, Nazis were used as villains casually (the first two seasons of Wonder Woman) – they were looked upon as WII enemies only, but as holocaust awareness became part of school curricula starting in the late 70s, they also became genocide perpetrators, making them (rightfully) used more sensitively in the media.

The Jamie character is refreshingly strong in this episode – rather than just be a go-along-for-the-ride pretty face, she’s the important font of historical knowledge here – and all without wearing it on her feminist sleeve. The two male leads continue to provide the doofy, innocent fun that strikes just the right tone, and character actor Christopher Stone (future hubby of Dee Wallace) is great as a suspicious spy who winds up helping our time travelers, albeit for different reasons.

Still along for the ride – not getting off yet!!!

Rating:  ***

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