Thursday, July 3, 2014

Battlestar Galactica 1.14: “Fire In Space”

Airdate: 12/17/78

This can't be good
A fleet of Cylon kamikazes fly their fighters directly at the Galactica, setting major fires to her bridge, landing bay, and just outside the rejuvenation center, where Boomer, Boxey, Athena and several others are trapped inside. Commander Adama is severely wounded, while Tigh and Apollo brainstorm ways to put the fire out before it reaches the ship’s fuel cells: an event which would pretty much spell the end of Galactica, and I don’t mean cancellation. All’s well that ends well when those imperiled are rescued (thanks, in no small part to Muffy), and Apollo and Starbuck successfully go outside the ship to damage part of it, successfully putting out the remaining fire due to lack of oxygen.

The Towering Inferno, Galactica-style. And just as laden with barbecued scenery, stuntmen… and performances. No suspense as we all know the titular spacecraft will emerge fully restored and operational, but there is some fun in figuring out just what the hell Apollo’s plan to put out the landing bay fire with Viper rockets is all about – and once you understand it, you sure as hell won’t believe it!

Rating: **

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