Monday, July 21, 2014

Battlestar Galactica 1.23: “Take the Celestra”

Airdate: 4/1/79

At an awards ceremony for Kronus, the commander of a fleet spacecraft called the Celestra, Starbuck recognizes an old flame – Aurora, a beautiful Celestea crew member who now appears to be part of a mutiny. It seems she and a few others are a bit resentful of Kronus’s overly authoritarian ways. Starbuck turns her and her cohorts in, escorting them on a shuttle along with Kronus (who needs to be there for their hearing), but now the empty ship is a prime target for another disgruntled crew member, Charka. This dude has far more treasonous motives in mind, and now Starbuck, Apollo and Kronus need to get aboard the hijacked ship and take out the garbage. With help from Aurora’s gang (in exchamge for a fair trial), they seize the ship and overcome its captors, but not before Kronus is mortally wounded – and now his awards ceremony is succeeded by his funeral.

Meh episode really phones everything in – even the Starbuck/Aurora plotline is awfully soapy (though she sure looks good). Kronus is a hard-nosed Phillip Baker-Hall type character that has the potential for furnishing of a Caine Mutiny updating, but that goes pretty much nowhere once the good mutineers are captured and the bad are on the Celestra most of the time. Overall pretty lifeliess, so much so that it’s hard to write any more.

Rating:  **

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