Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Battlestar Galactica 1.13: “The Living Legend, Part 2”

Airdate: 12/3/78

Headstrong Cain persists in attacking the Cylons with both barrels blazing –after Baltar and the Cylons are turned away from a initial colonial attack, they prepare for retaliation. Adama maintains his stance that he, as protectorate of a civilian fleet, need only divert the enemy base at Gomorray long enough to steal their fuel, but Cain sees this as a perfect opportunity for attack. They reach a compromise – Adama allows Cain to sail the Pegasus past the Cylons to divert them, but he, last minute decides to fly directly at them, hitting Baltar’s base star point blank with everything he’s got. The Galactica, which now has Sheba and all the other “nonessentials” from the Pegasus, sail off safely – and we never find out, hrough Starbuck and Apoolo’s report, if Cain’s ship survived the assault or not.

After a rousing part one of the story, the conclusion is a huge letdown, hampered by tediously repetitive and soulless dialogue, and a cop-out ending that completely erradicates any kind of antiwar message that Part One may have sought to develop. Most of the time we get more explosions and more talking heads, blathering endlessly on about what Cain plans to do (we get it after the first hour), why he’s wrong and, ultimately, why he might have been right. Let’s get some new writers on this show – fast; oops, I forget, this was 35 years ago. Never mind.

Rating: **

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