Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Battlestar Galactica 1.16: “War of the Gods, Part 2”

Airdate: 1/21/79

"Hope you guessed my name."
Count Iblis continues to arouse suspicions with his supernatural powers andeerie mind-controlling abilities (even though he has handed Baltar over to the Galactica). Things get a little too crazy when he manages to coerce many members of the essential crew to attend an hours-long, bacchanalian soiree, oblivious to the ship’s red alert when it appears an enemy in nigh. Starbuck and Apollo decide to go from whence the Count came: his incinerated ship. There they discover the mystery man’s true identity – none other than Satan himself. Sheba is disbelieving, and nearly falls once again to his hypnotic charms; a frustrated Iblis instead kills Apollo, but it looks like he has committed a big cosmic no-no. He disappears, and Sheba and Starback enter an ethereal, heaven-like dimension where their intents to sacrifice themselves for Apollo, along with the Count’s misdeed, allow the “deceased” starpilot to return to life.

Well, when you run out of threatening villains, you might as well start going for the big guns. Macnee again shines in his role by underplaying the Prince of Darkness, and it’s fun to see the madman’s identity slowly being revealed (you’ll figure it out long before the Galactica crew does). This time, there seem to be a few Hitler comparisons, as the Council almost elects the Count to a leadership position, oblivious to the true evil he secretly possesses (only Adama is suspicious). The best episode of Galactica thus far.

Rating:  ***

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