Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cheers 8.8: “For Real Men Only”

Airdate: 11/16/89

Frasier and Lilith are having a briss for their newborn son, Frederick (Sam is relieved to hear it’s a circumcision for – the baby), but the Cheers crew, all men, appears to be squeamishly bailing out of the event, including Frasier! With baby in hand, he makes a fast getaway to the sanctum of Rebecca’s office, but Lilith holds a marathon coaxing session, with the end result being the continuation of the snipping ceremony – in the pool room, the same venue as a Rebecca’s-hosted retirement party for one of the corporate “deadheads.” Everything, including a wet T-shirt contest (long story), turns out to be a success. All in a day’s work at Cheers: your one-stop shopping for any event hosting you need!

We learn that Lilith is Jewish (I suppose the name was a giveaway) and that her and Frasier’s son will be raised the same way. The concept of a briss just lends itself to comedy, and the Cheers’ scribes mined that vein thoroughly. Subplot is also a follow-up: Carla wants to pass around a petition to have her late husband Eddie’s hockey number retired (even if she has to forge half the names). It doesn’t pass; but she does get what she originally wanted: season tickets.

Cold open: Woody shares his boyhood memory quilt – which contains relics, and reminders, of his multiple brushes with death. How cheerful.

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