Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cheers 8.10: “The Art of the Steal”

Airdate: 11/30/89

Rebecca wants to surprise Robin at his posh apartment when he returns home from a business trip – so she goes over, ready for him while in the buff with a bottle of champagne. Sam hears of this and decides to deliver the message in person that the millionaire is running three hours late. Rebecca’s not amused, but becomes even less so when she accidentally triggers the high-tech, laser-beam security system. No help seems likely, so she and Sam wind up spending the night – clothed and physically separated from each other – talking. The next morning the maid arrives to set them free, but she’s impressed by his platonic behavior.

Further Sam/Rebecca development, and the increased likelihood that her bedding of Robin may just never happen. Cool laser effects in the apartment scenes suggest an increased budget for the show – no wonder, as Cheers, by this point, has become a huge hit (it will be #1 next season). Subplot involves an all-boys game of Monopoly, which stemmed from Norm’s lesson on economics to Woody.

Cold open: the aforementioned lesson on economics, with Norm demonstrating devaluation by ripping up Cliff’s dollar.

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