Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cheers 8.11: “Feeble Attraction”

Airdate: 12/7/89

Norm has to fire his secretary, Doris (from the “Two Faces of Norm” episode), but the uber-sensitive, insecure girl reads her dismissal it as a love note, and proceeds to obsessively stalk her ex-boss wherever he goes, catering to his every whim and proclaiming her undying love for him. Norm has had enough, even appealing to the psych-smarts of Frasier for advice, who suggests building up her self-confidence so she doesn’t feel the need to be with a “do-nothing” loser. It works, to a point, but after a near-assignation with Cliff, she starts her mooning act with Norm again, who has no recourse but to hire her again, giving her purpose in life back to her, with no need to fawn over beer-swiggers for validation.

Subplots: Rebecca’s gift from Robin, a desk with directions to find a “ring” somewhere within, leads her to believe it’s an engagement ring. The delayed delivery of a compartment reveals the desk’s high value because of a ring from water damage… resulting from the writing of “Man and Superman” by George Bernard Shaw. They’re too late to stop an overzealous Rebecca from disemboweling the desk with a chainsaw. And Woody wants desperately to impress someone with his knowledge of the coldest day on Boston record.

Cynthia Stevenson reprises her role from 6 episodes back – and her pathologically obsessive Doris certainly gives Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction a run for her money. Evidently Norm still has the paint business going, and still seems to have a secretary despite nearly zero business. He must’ve had quite a bit saved up from his accounting days.

Cold open: The boys debate who the true heroes are, with Frasier concluding there are no real heroes in the 90s – until Sammy walks in with four babes.

Norm’s opener: Woody: “Jack Frost nipping at your nose, Mr. Peterson?” Norm: “Yeah, now let’s get Joe Beer nipping at my liver.”

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