Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cheers 8.4: “How To Marry a Mailman”

Airdate: 10/19/89

Margaret O’Keefe (from “Please Mr. Postman”) is back from Canada, and she wants to make Cliff her beau. But the letter carrier discloses he has an unfortunate malady related to his relations with the opposite sex: blindness. During moments of anxiety (translated: commitment) he’s as blind as a mole, and so his “big night” with Maggie requires some assistance from a professional – that would be Sam. After a comedy of errors (and Sam’s departure), Cliff takes a backward spill off the balcony and into the pool. After drying off at Cheers, Cliff is followed by Margaret, who apologetically, and sadly, ends their union. When Cliff steps up to the plate and stops her retreat – announcing that he will have her – he finds he can see again, but now he’s paralyzed from the waist down.

Welcome reappearance by Annie Golden as Margaret illuminates this otherwise cornball offering – and does beg the question: why didn’t this blindness ever occur before, as Cliff has had several assignations of a potentially lurid persuasion? Ah, no matter; it’s just another broad premise of which to fill with the usual Cheers irony-laden, snappy jokebook. Subplot too silly to mention.

Cold open: Cliff and Norm try to job Robin’s memory of the show The Millionaire so he can give strangers (them) a boatload of dough. Cliff offers to pay for the bigwig’s drink: a Louis XIII cognac costing $75 a glass.

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