Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cheers 8.16: “Finally!, Part 2”

Airdate: 2/1/90

Sam gets back to the bar, apprising everyone of recently elapsed events: in particular, the near-meltdown at Wally’s when Robin brought in his “other woman” with Rebecca still in the ladies room. Sam’s solution, to fake a fire and lead Rebecca out with her jacket over her head, seemed to work – for now. But Sam deep down knows that his boss needs to know the truth, especially with the mooshy, hopelessly-in-love way she’s been acting lately. It gets tougher when the cheater himself arrives at Cheers to break the news that he can’t make his date due to a meeting, and Sam calls him on it – but Mr. Colcort offers a lucrative proposition: keep mum, and he’ll help him buy the bar back. Despite this, Sam still does the right thing, and Rebecca, after initial disbelief, catches her paramour in the arms of another. Robin’s response – he’s a one-woman guy, still looking for that one woman, and he’s narrowed it down to two. Is she okay with this? Despite Sam’s reproach, and her own better judgment (and weakness for diamonds), she is.

The Robin/Rebecca romance continues, but we know now that his philandering ways will not sustain it viably – so expect a lot of forthcoming drama. Sam still has to plug away at buying the bar back, too, so we sort of have two parallel quests going, while the Sam-Rebecca union seems to be put on the back burner… for now.

Funniest scene (again involving Frasier): Frasier compares Rebecca’s potential denial of the end of her relationship with his own “to that bitch Diane!”

Cold open: Bill Medley returns, and all the guys buy him a drink. Woody wants to know why he changed his last name from Righteous.

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