Monday, July 15, 2013

Wonder Woman 3.24: The Phantom of the Roller Coaster, Part 2

Airdate: 9/5/79

No, she didn’t die in that car crash (I guess it was a pretty quick transformation), but now Diana’s madder than bees, and ready to kick butt. It turns out the park owner knows that his bro’s down under, but he wants the recluse to turn over his hostage, or risk exposure. No, says the phantom – he can’t risk being the laughing stock – but al that changes when Diana accidentally finds his hiding spot and tries to make him feel better about his grotesque visage. Well, that will have to wait; Fynch has just planted a special detonator that disintegrates metal: the coaster’s toast unless WW ca step in, and she does. Fynch gets traced to his explosive, the boy is returned to the outside world, and the two brothers reuinite, to continue creating rollercoaster revelry for years to come.

Last disc of the set includes a mini-documentary: “Wonder Woman: the Ultimate Feminist Icon.” This is probably the lamest of all the extras thus far, as it simply includes a bunch of windbags of dubious credentials going on about how WW was the first feminist icon and how she changed culture, etc, etc. It’s stuff we’ve already heard, and would be better suited to a college term paper. Only Carter herself adds anything of value here.

Well, it's been great, folks - another series under our belts... gold belts, that is!
The last shot of the series - a freeze frame of Diana, of course!

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