Monday, July 15, 2013

Cheers 5:7: “Young Dr. Weinstein”

Airdate: 11/13/86

Diane embarrasses Sam when she tells him he’s not important enough to make a reservation at a posh French restaurant, The Café, and goads him into trying. Bitter and vengeful, he cancels her reservation for that night, taking her place as an esteemed heart surgeon and gourmand named Dr. Weinstein. Angered that she and her date are now tableless, and even angrier that Sam ad his date isn’t, she does everything in her power to sabotage his ruse, even faking a cardiac emergency so he’ll be clueless as to what to do. At the end of the night, Sam feels sorry that Diane hasn’t eaten, so uses his clout to convince the waiter to give her a few morsels. Aw, why not, he even joins her for a second meal, but she has the last laugh when he’s out of cash – and can’t use his credit card because it’s got Sam’s name on it!

Sam and Diane are up to their usual games of one-upmanship, but Sam oughta know better: it sitcom land, if you use a fake identity, you’ll always be busted. Subplot is pretty funny too: Woody is hell bent on creating the ultimate original cocktail – and he does – but he forgets what the ingredients are!

Cold open: Carla chews out a customer before realizing she’s in the wrong. Se apologizes with a sob story to end all sob stories, and lands a 10-dollar tip for it. She figures it might just work a second time when she forgets a customer’s napkin.

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