Friday, July 12, 2013

Wonder Woman 3.21: The Boy Who Knew Her Secret, Part 2

Airdate: 5/29/79

WW goes after one of the alien-abductees, and discovers the situation: they’re inhabiting human bodies in order to defeat a more sinister alien force – a foe who can morph into any living creature, mostly choosing the form of Jaffe’s assistant, Cameron. The pyramids, when all 99 are assembled, will form the prison that can hold this enemy, but Skip has the last one, and he’s keeping it, still thinking the mind-snatchers the real bad guys.

Now things get a little twisty. The bad alien, as Cameron, drugs Diana introforgetting about her assignment and the fact that she’s Wonder Woman (the latter being necessary so the alien can become the superhero). Skip, still thinking Diana and her alter-ego are one and the same, is now totally confused when he sees the alien as WW next to a memory-less Diana. His only recourse, he believes, is to let the aliens inhabit him and get it overwith, but Jaffe steps in to do it instead. With the 99 puzzle piece in place, and Diana jogging her memory back to normalcy, all that’s left is to send the extraterrestrial to jail, and that calls for WW to fight him, as he takes the form of a maniacal caveman. After the fisticuffs are over and everyone’s mind is their own, WW uses her lasso to make Skip forget knowledge of her secret… but she forgot that the aspiring writer tape records everything, and still has a record of this piece of info.

Whew! Involving conclusion does resolve everything but might be a bit overwritten for its own good. Quite frankly, the “knowing her secret” plot thread might even be unnecessary: there’s so much else going on. Wild WW vs. “beast man” slugfest at the end is perfectly crazy – doubtful anyone could have seen that one coming! Nice twist ending caps off a swell time with the satin-tight clad dynamo.

This aired one day after Part 1, which aired after a two month break, as CBS had to “dump” the series.

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