Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cheers 5:2: “Cape Cad”

Airdate: 10/2/86

Diane is still having marriage on her mind, and thinks Sam is in denial for not. Back and forth it goes, and so Sam attempts to prove its finality by going off to a seaside resort hotel with a girl “long on legs and short on syllables.” But when the girl, Val, has to leave and tend to her sick grandmother, Sam bends over backwards trying to make it look like she’s still there – to Diane, who just dropped by to see what her jiltee is up to. After the jig is up, the two spend a quiet dinner together, and almost go upstairs for lovemaking, but their constant one-upsmanship again prevails and they again go their separate ways.

Despite its different title, this really is Part 2 of the previous episode, with the aftermath of the proposal putting marriage into Diane’s head – with equally disastrous consequences. Some good supporting work from the hotel bellhop, incredulous to all of the weird dealings in Sam’s room as he tries, vainly, to make it look like he has company. An elderly couple also figures into it also, only adding to the perceived impropriety.

Subplot involves Carla trying to find homes for a litter of kittens. Sort of a throwaway.

Cold open: Diane’s recap of the Part 1 storyline.

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