Friday, July 5, 2013

Wonder Woman 3.16: Amazon Hot Wax

Airdate: 2/16/79

Diana goes undercover as an aspiring singer to a recording studio being extorted for a huge sun of money, in exchange for master tapes of an artist recently disappeared – valuable now because of their projected sales as a tribute album. Wonder Woman, along with three other, somewhat looney, singers from the studio, thwart the money transfer, and when the formerly missing singer turns up alive, the tapes are now ostensibly worthless. Now, kidnapping the reappeared star is an option, but such plans are foiled also, and the extorters are nabbed and arrested, with plenty more music emanating from the halls of Phoenix Records.

WW’s intro is delayed a full twenty minutes here – the reasons is that the star of this episode is Ms. Carter’s singing voice, which is actually pretty good, as well as the two songs they give her to do (they come from her own, simultaneously released debut, “Portrait”). The rest of the show is pretty hit or miss – the action scenes are clunkily staged and slo-moed a lot, and the acting by the rather large cast is a bit haphazard, and potentially tongue in check (subtle music references, perhaps?). Sarah Purcell and Judge Reinhold, way before they became popular, stand out as recording “twins” who turn out to be accomplices to the bad guys, and Curtis Credel is engaging as Eric, the studio head, who takes Diana’s departure and revelation that she’s really a fed quite hard.

Rick Springfield (in the middle) only a couple years before "Jessie's Girl."

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