Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waltons 4.7: “The Wing-Walker”

Airdate: 10/23/75

The Jefferson County Times sends John-Boy to interview an airplane wing-walker, who turns out to be a woman (much to his surprise, and delight). Inviting her to stay with his family, John-Boy is beguiled by the woman, and is instantly attracted. Emotional entanglements follow when the woman, Bobby, reveals her distrust of men after a brutal assault (most likely a rape) by a man when she was 15 years old, but that she feels comfortable around John-Boy and may be falling in love with him. The feelings aren’t mutual, though, and John-Boy fears that she may be pursuing a course of self-destruction when she attempts a dangerous stunt at the county carnival.

Pretty heavy, emotional episode (by Waltons standards) features some pretty amazing barnstorming scenes, even if it may be stock footage. Knockout Lee Purcell plays Bobby, but someone a bit less ravishing could be more believable as someone head over heels in love… with plain ol’ John Boy.

Best line (by Grandpa): You spend your whole life for Miss Right… and then the rest of your life waiting for her to get ready.

Bobby's assistant, Rex, is played by Tom Bower, who becomes a cast member next season as Mary Ellen's husband, Curtis Willard.

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