Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Episode 1.8: Truce or Consequences

Airdate: 11/18/82

The constant bickering between Diane and Carla finally gets to Sam, who orders them both to sit down and make amends. When they do, over a highly alcoholic concoction called “Leap Into An Open Grave,” Carla fools Diane into believing she’s the mother of Sam’s child. When Diane finds out the truth, she’s livid, and a catfight ensues. Only through the arbitration of Sam can they let bygones be bygones and attempt a working relationship.

Who needs roller derby with Diane and Carla at each other’s throats? The show’s trademark verbal sparring doesn’t get much better than this, and for a few brief moments we actually believe Sam and Carla may have…you know!

Cold open: Coach can’t drive straight home because he’s so used to being a designated driver. Norm’s Opener: Daddy’s rich and mama’s good looking.

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