Friday, August 26, 2011

Episode 1.4: Sam At Eleven

Airdate: 10/21/82

An old friend of Sam’s, a local sportscaster named Dave Richards wants to interview him for the 6:00 news. Despite Diane’s advice against it, Sam agrees, but only minutes into the interview, Dave and his crew run off to cover John McEnroe. In the back room, Diane tries to lift Sam’s spirits by telling him to put the past behind him and “go for it”; he does, by kissing Diane square on the lips.

Nice episode fills in more of Sam’s backstory – clearly his “golden years” are behind him, at least in terms of baseball, and is personality is suffused with this regret and reflection of what could have been. More sexual tension between Sam and Diane with the final scene’s kiss, and a nice unbroken camera shot, with the Cheers music, from the pool room to the front of the bar completes the show and continues the wistful tone of the episode.

Two notable guest stars: Fred Dryer (NBCs Hunter) as pompous blowhard Dave Richards, and Harry Anderson as the recurring Harry the Flim-Flam man, a con artist proving time and time again that a fool and his money are indeed soon parted! (Don’t miss him in the cold opening.)

This episode features one of many classic zingers by Diane:

Dave: (to Diane) Dave Richards. An old teammate of Sam’s.
Diane: Diane Chambers. I’m Sam’s new waitress.
Dave: Sam have his brand on you yet?
Diane: Hardly.
Dave: Oh, good, then you’re in for a lucky day. Not only am I incredibly good-looking. I’m also incredibly rich and incredibly nice.
Sam: And incredibly married.
Diane: Well I am sorry to hear that.
Dave: You are?
Diane: Yes. I was hoping to reject you based solely on your personality!

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