Monday, August 29, 2011

Episode 1.7: Friends, Romans, Accountants

Airdate 11/11/82

Norm volunteers to organize his accounting firm’s annual party, knowing that if he’s successful he has great chances for promotion. Utterly devoid of ideas, he finds inspiration when Diane facetiously suggests a toga party – to be held at the bar. The party turns out to be a crushing bore; no one, except Norm, shows up in a Toga, and the most interesting guest is a man who knows every city’s zip code. Worse yet, Norm’s date for his boss (required for the party organizer) can’t make it, and so he asks Diane, who is reluctant until she sees how handsome the man is. When the boss starts to make the moves on her, Norm steps in and is promptly fired.

Funny offering, capped by the revelation that Norm really is a pretty decent guy. (Well, we all knew that, didn’t we?) The sight of Norm wearing a toga is easily worth the price of admission!

Answer to Diane’s uncompleted charade: My Dinner With Andre.

How life’s treating Norm: Not for the squamish

Cold open: Misha, the Boston Symphony cymbals player, counts out his rest over a beer… until Diane confuses him when counting his change.

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