Friday, July 27, 2012

Waltons 5.23: “The Go-Getter”

Airdate: 3/10/77

When Ben and John-Boy have a spat about work, Ben goes to work for a shady used car dealer, and immediately assumes the role of a slick salesman. He does well, but the cars are lemons, and when he sells Mrs. Brimmer a real heap, the family turns against him. Ben follows his conscience and fixes the car… with a strong assist from Jim-Bob. And Sarah Griffith is back (from “The Hero”) and Olivia thinks she and Ep Bridges would be a good match. After a frustratingly noneventful double date, Ep proposes to Sarah.

The matchmaking concept is pretty much taken from the season three episode “The Matchmaker” (even down to the double-date) when Olivia tried to hook up Ike and Corabeth. This pairing is just as successful, so Livvy might just be the Yente of Jefferson County!

Time compression: It is now the Spring of 1938, which jumps ahead a year (up until now, the time period of each Waltons season is exactly 40 years prior to airing). This is most likely so the timeframe can start incorporating WWII events into the stories.

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