Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cheers 2.7: “Old Flames”

Airdate: 11/17/83

Another return – Dave Richards, Sam’s old partner in slime, brings his wild, womanizing ways back to Cheers, but he can’t believe the domesticated Sam, and spitefully bets that he and Diane will be broken up in 24 hours. The happy couple realizes they must be fight-less for now: a difficult thing, especially when Diane is livid that Sam won’t get rid of his little black book. When Dave throws a gorgeous stewardess Sam’s way, Sam has an epiphany – he doesn’t sleep with her, remaining true to Diane, who’s not convinced at first that this is good thing. When she is, they both gloat that they won Dave’s bet.

Another roadblock in the chronicles of Sam and Diane – it really does seem as though any episode could be their breakup. But alas, isn’t that how relationships are? Fred Dryer reprises his smarmy role as Dave (from 1.4 “Same at Eleven”), the cad you love to hate. The treatment of Sam’s black book as an object of healing power is worth a few laughs, particularly from Cliff.

Cold open: Norm comes in, out on a date with a girl named Irene for the first time since he and Vera split up. The date is still going on – he’s out on a popcorn break while Irene is still watching Gandhi.

Norm’s opener (also in the cold open): (Coach: How’s life?) Not gonna win any awards. Someone put a brew in my face, please.

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