Thursday, July 26, 2012

Waltons 5.21: “The Long Night”

Airdate: 2/24/77

Without Grandma, Zeb’s heart aches mightily – learning his wife will not return home as soon as he had hoped, he raises such a ruckus that he is barred from entering the hospital ever again. Meanwhile Aimee Godsey has troubles too; Corabeth, learning from a book, won’t let her stepdaughter do anything besides ballet, practicing French and listening to classical music. She runs away – to the Waltons, and asks Zeb to be her grandfather, reaffirming his purpose in life.

Nice dovetailing of two separate stories at the end, again making good usage of Grandma’s continued absence from the show. Aimee Godsey, as played by Rachel Longaker, is developing well as a character. Longaker would play this role for quite a while, and outside the show starred in several Afterschool Specials, as well as Night of the Demons 2 in 1994. Well, it was something.

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