Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cheers 1.19: Pick a Con…Any Con

Airdate: 2/24/83

When Coach’s daily game of cards with a friend, George Wheeler, turns out to be a con job,the Cheers crew urges revenge, and so they enlist the services of Harry, the Flim-Flam Man to get back the $8,000 Coach lost. His idea: arrange a “friendly” game of high-stakes poker after hours, with both George and Harry in attendance. As the game wears on, Harry loses everything, but Sam figures out he and George were in on the whole thing together. They force George to take Harry in one more game – all or nothing – but it backfires when Coach "messes up" his signals for George. Harry takes off with the money, but it turns out he and Coach were in cahoots the whole time, so everyone’s money is returned.

Loads of fun, and definitely my favorite episode of the season thus far. As twisty and turny as The Sting, this show’s razor-sharp script by David Angell will keep everyone guessing. Rule of thumb: any show involving Harry is gonna be good!

Cold open: Sam and Diane squabble over their age difference.

Norm’s opener: No Norm at the beginning of this episode.

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