Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Battlestar Galactica 1.8: “The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part 1”

Airdate: 10/22/78

Galactica gets “herded” towards a remote ice planet by the Cylons; reasons for this odd maneuver become abundantly clear when an intense laser beam emitting from the planet destroys a Viper and causes another one to crash land. Adama orders a fleet to land on the planet’s surface to take out the deadly beam – among those chosen for the mission are four unsavory prison convicts (each has a special skill just perfect for the specialized objectives of the mission). The Cylons, of course, are expecting such an action, so they shoot down the fleet, ad now the crew and the cons must work together in order to survive. Help does arrive, however, in the form of an exiled band of humans, whose motives do seem to be benign, despite potential association with Cylons.

Despite a change in scenery, this is another episode tediously laden with cardboard, techno-garble dialogue and devoid of any rooting interest or challenging adversary. Worse, it rips off the WWII flicks Ice Station Zebra, The Guns of Navarone and The Dirty Dozen (waiting for a bridge to be blown up somewhere so they can plunder yet another). The show continues to prove why it lasted only a season – it’s a sci-fi show as mechanical as the Cylons (which also explains the problem with the villains). I’m not looking forward to Part 2.

Rating:  *1/2

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