Friday, June 27, 2014

Battlestar Galactica 1.11: “The Young Lords”

Airdate: 11/19/78

Audrey Landers - Ooh la la!
Starbuck crash lands on another earth-like planet called Atilla. (The Galactica crew is in for a letdown when they finally get to earth – and discover they’ve already been there every week!) Unfortunately, it’s controlled by a branch of Cylons and he is captured, only to be freed by a race of primitive humans that look like the groundlings at a Renaissance Fair. He is immediately charmed by one of them, a buxom blonde named Miri, but her brother, Kyle, has ulterior motives in mind. He plans to use Starbuck in a trade for his father, whom the Cylons have already kidnapped, but Starbuck warns of the fultility of negotiating with the ruthless “tin cans” – he’s right, of course, as the trade attempt ends in both sides faking out the other with dummy hostages. Starbuck leads the rebellious humans on a raid on the Cylon castle and their leader, Specrte, who must now report to Baltar of his failure.

Ah, definitely a so-so outing by Lorne Greene and co., but it sure as hell is abetted by the easy-on-the-eyes presence of Audrey Landers as Miri – and lets just say her skimpy fur duds, though modest by today’s standards, showcase her assets quite welcomely. The other “humans” are just a bunch of squeaky-clean freedom fighters…  and I do have to say these stories are sounding awfully familiar – stray colonists on Earth-like planet fighting against thievery and oppression (by Cylons or some other alien race) are helped by one (or more) of the Galactica crew. Hmmm.

Rating:  **

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