Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Battlestar Galactica 1.7: “The Long Patrol”

Airdate: 10/15/78

Tell me that's not Randy Quaid
Starbuck gets to test out the prototype for a new Viper; the good news is it’s superfast, the bad: no lasers. Ah, well, it will take his mind off the two-timing he’s been doing lately, but on his joyride he finds himself coming between a “robber” and his would-be assailant. Crash landing on a deserted planet, Starbuck realizes the robber is carrying huge stashes of an awesome “alcoholic” drink called Ambrosia, and just when he tries to sample the merchandise the thug hits him from behind and escapes (with the brand new Viper). Starbuck takes his craft but gets intercepted by the robber’s chaser and is led back to a penal colony, where he is mistaken for the robber. There Starbuck discovers that all the inmates are there for crimes committed by their ancestors, and they are currently being forced to make Ambrosia for the colonies, who apparently don’t know they’re there. Also apparent: security at the prison is nearly nonexistent, so Starbuck leads everyone out of their cells to freedom. Meantime Apollo and the others, fearful that Robber’s transmission might arouse Cylon suspicions, fire on the person who is obviously not Starbuck, but upon discovering his begign intentions (he was also part of that penal colony) they rescue he and his family – and Starbuck – for a happy ending,

The premise starts out okay, but like most episodes of the series thus far, gets more incomprehensible, and ridiculous, as it wears on. Really just the story of a relatively innocent smuggler, and his “noble savages” in prison, but there’s far too much extra plot baggage here, including the unnecessary subplot of Starbuck and his ongoing love triangle with Cassiopea and Lena in the episode’s first half. Not a whole lot more to say here, except that “Robber” is a dead ringer for a young Randy Quaid.

Rating:  *1/2

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