Monday, August 11, 2014

Galactica 1980 1.9: “Space Croppers”

Airdate: 4/27/80

The Cylons destroy the Galactica’s agricultural facility, leading Adama to send Troy and Dillon to earth (again), to begin a farming colony there. They choose land farmed by a Hispanic man named Hector, who’s fighting an uphill battle against a rich, racist land baron who controls the local water supply, and none too fairly you might say. With the help of Galactica’s rain-making abilities, and a group of special scouts, they save the day for Hector. The growers association votes to eliminate all those damned dams, the Galactican colony finds a good home on earth, and Hector’s eldest daughter even gets the hots for Dillon!

Essentially the final episode featuring the series’ regulars, it’s a fun-filled outing that sort of feels more anthological – not unlike Universal’s other sci-fi show, The Incredible Hulk. You could quibble about the show’s flaws (the method they use to make it rain is way overxplained), but it’s hard to dislike something that so has its heart in the right place. Plus extra points for that scout work song the kids sing while planting the fields. And seeing hottie Jamie in those overalls.

BTW, is it me or is it increasingly hard to believe the Cylons still don’t know where earth is, given the almost continuous back-and-forth travelling between it and the Galactica?  And I’m starting to think that Lorne Greene filmed all off his scenes for the series on a soundstage somewhere in one afternoon.

Rating:  ***

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