Monday, August 4, 2014

Galactica 1980 1.5: “The Super Scouts, Part 2”

Airdate: 3/23/80

With the feds in hot pursuit, Troy and Dillon try as best they can to keep the scouts under cover, but with three of them gravely ill from toxic consumption, that’s a pretty tall order. The doctor under whose care they are placed is quite suspicious, especially after he detects that the kids have no identifiable blood cells, but he is also quite sympathetic, and helps the aliens in their quest to blow the whistle on the chemical plant owner’s corrupt and deadly dealings. Dr. Zee, meanwhile, hears Dillon’s distress call and flies to earth on a huge “mother ship” to nurse the children, who are still technically alive, back to good health, but with the Cylons still at large the safest place for them is still earth, provided they aren’t trolling around contaminated reservoirs anytime soon.

Pretty good conclusion keeps the environmental message intact. Good supporting performances by the doctor – a dead ringer for David Naughton – and the nurse – a dead ringer for a young Bonnie Hunt (it’s actually Carlene Watkins, who would go on to star in one of my favorite underrated sitcoms, Best of the West). Some silly stuff, particularly near the beginning (e.g. the invisible kids steal the cop cars), reminded me a little too much of a late70s live action Disney film. And while we’re at it, the big “mother ship” landing toward the end is pretty obviously inspired by a particular Steven Spielberg film that was then red-hot. But I still like the tone of campy fun that pervades throughout this show. Still a real hoot.

Rating:  ***

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