Friday, January 24, 2014

Buck Rogers 1.16: “A Blast For Buck”

Airdate: 1/17/80

A weird object just happens to turn up in Huer’s office (it looks like a giant yo-yo) and when he and Wilma decrypt its contents, they discover some strange riddles. Naturaly, they believe them to be death threats for Buck, so they probe his brain for memories of potential culprits. This leads to – you guessed it – a clip show, filled with warm, fuzzy moments of intergalactic shnanigans from the show’s first eight episodes.

You might think it’s a little early for a retrospective special, but I guess if you’re spending $800,000 per episode, you’re entitled. Not a whole lot to say about this one - I won’t spoil the ending for you, but put it this way: don’t take the “plot” too seriously or you’ll be extremely disappointed by the end. Gary Coleman guest stars, reprising his role as Heronimous Fox.  

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