Monday, January 13, 2014

Buck Rogers 1.10: “Planet of the Amazon Women”

Airdate: 11/8/79

Buck is kidnapped on the female-controlled planet of Xantia. While there he is imprisoned, and dehumanizingly auctioned off to be the mate of a lucky girl – but he manages to escape and join an uprising, led by the daughter of the planet’s prime minister. It turns out that Xantia lost all its men in a war with another planet, Ruatha, and needs to take men, preferably hot ones, to help populate their world. To help settle things, our fearless flyboy arranges to board the Ruathian ambassador ship, where he helps create détente among the warring parties.

Wacked-out premise seems like its trying to be part Roger Corman exploitation, part feminist tract – and winds up succeeding at neither due to a needlessly overplotted (and dull) third act. Uber-tight silk pants and extreme-cleavage exposing tops are in usual abundance, but so is the tedious technospeak that only true fans will have a tolerance for. Highlight: Buck’s auctions scene, where lounging sirens could resemble the glassy-eyed vixens of a Russ Meyer movie.

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