Thursday, July 28, 2011

Waltons 2.12: The Bequest

Airdate: 11/29/73

Grandma’s left with a bequest when her childhood best friend, Fern, dies. Actually, it’s more like a windfall, as the bequest totals a whopping $250.00. Uneasy with having so much money, she promptly gives it away to the kids, her husband, for John-Boy’s college fund, and for the church’s new roof. All are delighted, but avaricious tendencies cast a past on the merriment, ceasing only when news arrives that Grandma’s bequest has been nullified to pay off Fern’s debt from her hospital bills. Grandma’s in a funk over her embarrassment, but John-Boy raises her spirits will a homily about the things that that really matter in life – those that come without a price tag.

Arrgh! How frustrating is it that the perpetually poor Waltons can’t even cut a break in the form of two-hundred fifty big ones? (Pocket change by today’s standards.) Then again, it’s another example of our old friend in TV-land: nothing can change (also known as “Status Quo Is God” on TV Tropes). But of course, that is the point, right? Who would learn any lessons if all the kids got to keep their money?

Speaking of TV tropes, the show’s subplot involves Mary Allen wanting dye her hair blonde, but practicing on Jim Bob, who winds up with poofy blonde locks and bright red highlights. My question is – what did she expect was going to happen?

Best scene: John Boy shows Grandma around at the college in intends to go to next fall.

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