Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Back!!! Waltons 1.6: The Star

Let's call this one "Picking up where I left off!" Summer's here and it's time to get back to our favorite Virginian clan. Yes, were still in season one, but we'll be picking up the pace, and stay tuned as I feel another classic show may soon be blogged on the Rocket. Keep your ears pricked... 

The Waltons goes astral in this entry about a falling star and the havoc that ensues. Grandpa sees it as an omen of his own imminent death and refuses to get out of bed. Meanwhile the star (or more accurately, meteorite) has fallen through the room of the Baldwin sister’s house, narrowly missing their “recipe” still. When their cousin, Polonius, and his friend come to visit, they devise a plan to take away the still under the pretense that the star was a warning from above to stop moonshining. Grandpa gets a swift pep talk about living again, and goes to the Baldwin’s to set matters straight (and celebrate with a taste of the recipe).

Interesting, somewhat philosophical offering that benefits from two colorful supporting characters, Polonius and Colonel Henderson, who remind me a bit of the con artists in Huckleberry Finn. Ben Walton gets a moment in the spotlight with a subplot in which he competes in a school spelling bee, trying to distinguish himself in such a large family. Get used to it, kid!

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